The Realization that Life is Good No Matter What

Can we chat a moment? Since the rest of this week’s menu consists of left-overs (Spice Rub Baby Back Ribs with Golden Eagle Barbecue Sauce) and meals I’ve shared before, rather than cook for you I’d like to share another hobby – my view of the world through the lens of my camera. And reflect for a moment on the world of blogging.
The nice thing about blogging is the whole blogging community out there. I have my followers – and those that I follow. It’s an interesting circle of people in a world that is strange and new to me. A wonderful, magical place in cyber space. While I share my amateur photographs, let me tell you about some of the wonderful people I have “met” on my journey into the blogging world.
There is a man who is fighting back against cancer. He shares his thoughts every day – and most of the time they are very positive – he believes he has been given his cancer to encourage and inspire others traveling down a similar road to put one foot in front of the other and just keep living every moment – even the painful ones. I lost my dear, dear brother a year ago to cancer. This beautiful man has helped me to heal in ways I cannot express. Although we will never meet “in the real world” he has touched my soul deeply.
 07-11 Hwy 88 to Carson City (7)
One of my favorites is a gal who doesn’t give the history of her recipe or any background information. Instead she posts pictures of her recipe in various stages of preparation while having a conversation about life – how she feels about golf or things that make her a little nuts. It’s like visiting with a friend – sitting in her kitchen while she prepares dinner and talks about her day.
There is the couple who are retired now and travel around the country in an RV – her Husband is the pilot, she the co-pilot. Her “hobby” is that she is wizard with a camera – unbelievable photos of wild life and sunrises that will steal your breath away. Bright, beautiful photos of birds in flight and blue skies that never seem to end. Her narratives paint pictures as beautiful as her photos. And her all-time favorite “subject” are cranes. While my photos don’t come close to hers, I share her love for birds in the wild.
The grandmother in Southern California who is very much like me – our childhood and adulthood lives are similar, and it is as though we have grown up together. While we have never met, through our mutual blogs, we have become friends. We have so much in common – more than I could have imagined.
And then there are my fellow foodies from all around the world, with family traditions and cultural and holidays vastly different from those I’ve known and yet at the core they are the same – families gather, laugh together, cry together and weave a tapestry of memories in a universal unspoken language of love. Chefs and want to be chefs – mothers, grandmothers, couples cooking together, newly weds making adjustments – all sharing glimpses into their lives – everyday lives in beautiful stages. People of different backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes, and orientations all on a journey, making their way through life. From these wonderful people I learn something new and inspiring every day.
There are common threads gently woven into each post – the undertone of fear – it’s not easy to put yourself out there – and courage – for putting yourself out there. Every person on the planet has the same human need to connect to one another. To share, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. There is comfort in knowing that on some level, we are all on the same journey, although be it different paths, we are all part of the human experience. I stand in awe of the beauty of life – of everyday, come as you are life. Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee (or tea) and chat a while without the fear of judgement or rejection. Accepting and being accepted for who we are is an awesome thing. Yes, life is good. Painful, sad, quiet, loud, happy, peaceful and often times messy – it is all good. Every moment of every day – no matter the struggles or disappointments – life is a blessing – a messy, beautiful blessing.

6 thoughts on “The Realization that Life is Good No Matter What

  1. Beautiful pictures! I have similar ones of the jellyfish from Ripley’s Aquarium here in Toronto! I love your angles and colour arrangements that you captured. The b/w photo is stunning as is and the flowers/rock one is striking. I’m an amateur at photography but I enjoy it regardless how my pictures turn out, the blessing of digital cameras, you can erase your bad ones lol. Keep it up, you definitely have a great eye for finding the pinnacle aspects of anything you capture!

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    • Thanks so much. Kiddo and I see the world through a lens – drives Hubby nuts when we are taking a drive through the country side because we are always yelling “stop the car!” to get a shot.

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      • RIGHT!?! Been there many times! Stop the car, hang on, wait a second, ooohh look at that and your two hour drive just took up the entire afternoon! Awesomeness isn’t it? Some days I used to go out and not come home till midnight because you find all these things to take pictures of! We’d be a dangerous team with our cameras! Search parties would be put out looking for us! lmao


  2. Great post! I am very good friends with the gal who loves cranes that you speak of. We have fun getting together for photo shoots.
    And you are so right… The blogosphere is a spectacular place. We are all here to support each other. I found many blogs by taking WordPress Blogiversity 101. I learned soooo much… Not only on how to make my blog a bit better but also how and why we should show support to other blogs.
    I enjoyed your jellyfish captures. Keep on using your camera you have a great eye. And keep on supporting other blogs. Old and new.

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  3. You do have such great photos. I especially love how you are able to capture your delectable meals with such finesse. You always make them look so tempting and delicious. I’m so poor at the photos- most especially of my food. I had to laugh at the, “pull over I need to get a picture of that” because that happens to us all the time. My husband hates to stop the car when he has a destination before him. Many of my photos have the blur of traveling 65 miles an hour down the highway! I have very much loved getting to know you through your blog. I love how you share stories and reminisce while creating your masterpieces in the kitchen. Big hugs to you!

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    • Thank you so much. When I was 10, I had the illusion that one day I would write a great novel – that takes more dedication and time to focus – short stories and pictures – now that’s something I had handle without wandering off someplace else – lol

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