How to be a Good Guest this Thanksgiving – REALLY?

It’s getting to be that time of the year – when being a good guest counts for something.

Rosemarie's Kitchen

This morning, while wandering about the internet; with the morning news on the TV for a little background noise, it came to my attention via Social Media and a fluff news piece that we now need to be instructed in how to behave as a dinner guest. To say that this “news flash” blows my mind is an understatement. So much of what was out there on the subject is common sense and good manners. I shutter to think what we have become that social media and the news needs to instruct us in proper behavior.

  • RSVP. While the importance of an RSVP wasn’t covered directly (yes, no, and how many), the need to respond was touched upon in a strange, indirect way. A good guest alerts their host of any dietary restriction well in advance so that the menu can be planned accordingly. Things such as gluten-Free preferences; vegan dietary needs or food allergies should be…

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