About Me – A Reintroduction

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Of all the things I’ve written, the “About Me” page has been the hardest. Never thought anyone would actually read the darn thing, and now that I realize you REALLY do it’s time to get serious . . .

I read my first About Me publication and realized I hadn’t created a page worthy of reading.  What I had created wasn’t an About Me page but rather a nice, neat “list” of one-sentence descriptions. Further elaboration and a proper introduction was necessary. So let’s start from the beginning

Hi. My name is Rosemarie. I’m the eldest of five children. We are a blended family of two marriages, just as I am of blended races – predominately Filipino, Spanish, Irish and Cherokee, with a sprinkling of Chinese thrown in for good measure. I am stubborn, opinionated, passionately vocal on issues but private about “me”.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. Hubby and I have been married forever. We eloped three weeks after our first meeting, just a week after our first date. Generally speaking, I leap before I look and my marriage is no exception. We renewed our vows on our tenth anniversary and again during our fifteenth year of marriage. The running joke is that we married each other three times, just to make sure it “stuck”. Kiddo (you’ll meet him throughout the blog) is our grandson, who has been with us since his birth.

I am a cradle-Catholic; but like so many Catholics these days, I’ve sadly digressed to a C&Er (attending Mass at Christmas & Easter). Despite my lack of regular attendance, I am passionate about my faith.

Blogging has come late in my life – simply because it did not exist when I was growing up. As for my actual age, let’s just say I can recall the Missiles of October, where I was when President Kennedy was shot, and the war in Viet Nam, beyond that I’m not saying.

Life thus far has been an amazing adventure filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. What I find most amazing about life is that we can lead many “lives” in a single lifetime.  Be it circumstance or by deliberate thought, we can change directions – and live another life within a single lifetime. I’ve been a working mother and a stay-at-home mom.  A political activist and conservative wallflower. The only thing about life that seems constant is that, like the abstract concept of time, it flows ever forward.

Besides my family, photography and writing, one of the things I enjoy most is cooking.  Food is a universal language. It’s a celebration of life and an exchange of culture. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down to a good meal, breaking bread, drinking wine and engaging in lively debate.

And so it is that I created this blog – to share recipes and break bread with those who stop by.  To chat about the past and dream about the future.  All are welcome.  Hope you enjoy. And feel free to chat any time about anything.

10 thoughts on “About Me – A Reintroduction

    • Thanks for providing the story and sauce recipe from the Golden Eagle. I just turned 80, but remember the peppery bbq sauce and the yellow lights from the bbq shack outside The Golden Eagle peeking from the piney woods like it was yesterday. You’ve given many people great joy.


  1. We do have so much in common! Being a grandmother is one of my greatest joys in life. I still have so much to learn and sharing ideas with other women such as yourself is such an inspiration and encouragement.

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  2. I love the new About page…so personal and beautifully written! I want to thank you for following my self-hosted blog. It took me a while to figure out how to move my previous subscribers. I appreciate the gesture 🙂

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  3. Gee, I don’t know what happened somehow I stopped following you. That was certainly not intentional. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting some of your great recipes recently. I’m back on track and following you now. ♡

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  4. With your new “About” page I thought I should offer a new comment……I love it! You did a great job with this introduction and now have me thinking I should update mine as well after 2 1/2 years of blogging. It is nice to get to know you on a more personal level.


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